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I love requests but I only gif movies that I own or trailers/interviews. My ask box is here!

Dane DeHaan arriving on the set of “Life” on February 19th 2014


S o  y o u  b r o u g h t  o u t  t h e  b e s t  i n  m e

a  p a r t  o f  m e  I ’ v e  n e v e r  s e e n.


Now, we can stay angry, tear each other apart, or… we can rise above, and… and work together, and ensure our survival under this dome.

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Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza spotted arriving at their hotel in New York City [x]




i was labelling stuff today and this lady scoffed at me and i was like hi and she was like writing with ur left hand is immoral. its 2014 and someone actually said that to my face

Writing with ur left hand is fine but having a URL like that is definitely not

i can’t even argue w that tbh



When theres a fly in your room and you’re trying to kill it then it hides for an hour then you finally find it


things you may have forgotten because of the movies/fanon


  • luna lovegood has dirty blonde hair (book 5, chapter 10)
  • lily potter has dark red hair (book 1, chapter 12)
  • neville longbottom has blond hair (JKR interview)
  • hermione granger has bushy hair (book 1, chapter 6)
  • james potter is tall (book 1, chapter 12)
  • at seventeen, harry potter is the same height as his father so he is also tall (book 7, chapter 34)
  • peter pettigrew is fat (book 3, chapter 10)
  • severus snape has yellow-ish teeth (book 3, chapter 14)
  • ginny weasley is fucking awesome (books 1-7)



raven reyes meme — favorite quotes (1/4)

"Hurry up and save the world, right?"


being a multifandom blog means that there will be times when you forget that you have multiple fandoms and spend 2 hours blogging about one thing